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List of Nationally Recognized Firewise
Communities in Tennessee

Blount County
FenceRail Gap (2009)
Top of the World (2016)
Laurel Valley (2017)
Little Round Top (2017)
Saddle Ridge (2017)
Stonegate Community (2018)

Claiborne Couny
Lone Mountain Shores (2014)

Cumberland County
Cumberland Cove (2003)
Cumberland Lakes (2006)

Gibson County
City of Milan (2018)

Hardeman County
City of Bolivar (2015)

Hawkins County
Chelaque Estates (2018)

Jefferson County
City of Baneberry (2018)

Marion County
Mullins Cove (2018)

Monroe County
Laurel Mountain Lakes (2013)
Tri-Community (2016)

Sevier County
Cobbly Nob (2011)
Shagbark (2011)
English Mountain Community (2015)
City of Pigeon Forge (2017)
Chalet Village (2018)
City of Gatlinburg (2018)

Union County
Norris Shores
The Highlands

Van Buren County
Long Branch Lakes (2013)